About Danish-American Chamber of Commerce in Southern California

Southern California. It’s an exciting place to live and it is also one of the most important regions in the United States. It is:

  • the most international of American metropolitan regions in trade and population
  • a high-tech Mecca with high concentrations of scientists, engineers and technicians
  • an endless fountain of creativity in the arts, entertainment, business, industry and design
  • a prime example of how the “new economy” works: with networks of small companies, suppliers, and subcontractors

As such, Southern California continues to be the place where the future is imagined and invented. Danish-American Chamber of Commerce in Southern California is here for you.

DACC Vision Statement

Being the foremost representative in Southern California of the outstanding relationship between Denmark and the United States.

DACC Purpose (per Bylaws)

By being a member of DACC you will participate in fulfilling our purpose, which is:

  1. to stimulate and promote good will, trade and business relations between the United States and Denmark
  2. to serve as a forum for discussions and deliberations concerning Danish-American activities
  3. to act in a consultative capacity to the United States and Danish governmental representatives
  4. to undertake functions in connection with Danish-American trade which may be beyond the scope of government representatives
  5. to sponsor meetings featuring special topics of interest to the members of the corporation
  6. to distribute to the members news of membership activities and economic briefs and other information pertinent to Danish-American business
  7. to make available for guidance and advice on a voluntary basis, its individual members’ practical experience and expertise in trade matters.